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Fitness Essentials professionals recognize that each individual's exercise and rehabilitation philosophies, objectives and behaviors are different. These differences are acknowledged and incorporated through the development of personalized programs and services. We offer the following services:
  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Nutrition Assessments
  • Personal Yoga

Personal Yoga & Personal Therapeutic YogaPrivately schedule one-on-one yoga sessions to meet individual client needs. The following are descriptions of what you might work on during your Personal Yoga or Personal Therapeutic Yoga session:
Personal Yoga Sessions = (60-minute sessions)

Athletes Special. A yoga session focusing on optimal performance and recovery. You can expect a session tailored specifically for your body and your specific physical and mental needs to get your game to the next level. We will do powerful and grounding postures that will both strengthen and open your body as well as practice optimal breathing and centering exercises to support healthier and more vibrant performance and relaxation. This is a great complement to your regular training routine.

Holiday Stress Buster. This is a yoga session aimed at releasing stress from the body, quieting the mind and softening the breath during the holiday season. In the session, expect to do some gentle or more heating postures, depending on your individual needs as well as plenty of focused time to allow your body to relax and renew to finish out the year just right.

Restorative Yoga Session. Restorative yoga is often referred to as "active relaxation" whose sole aim is to create specific physiological responses that are beneficial to health and can reduce the effects of stress-related disease. This is done by placing the body in specific postures supported by props to allow it to be both lightly stimulated and relaxed, which will help heal the body from the effects of chronic stress when practiced regularly. This is a great session for those who are feeling fatigued, weak or stressed out from daily activity as well as those going through major life events such as marriage, loss of job, loss of loved one, change in residence or divorce.

Power Fitness Yoga Session. This is a potpourri yoga class that focuses on the optimal fitness of your body and mind. We will do a full spectrum of yoga postures that will heat your body and cool your mind. Expect to do some sweating! We also will have plenty of time to soften and relax so that after the class you'll feel as if you've just finished a sweet massage.

Therapeutic Yoga SessionTherapeutic Yoga Sessions = (60-minute sessions)

Therapeutic sessions require a more refined preparation process and very specific exercises and adjustments due to the nature of injury or the health challenge.

This is a preventative and post-rehabilitative individualized yoga session that will complement your existing routine. These sessions are focused, slow and powerful. You can expect to do yoga postures that are therapeutic in nature - all tailored to your specific physical and emotional needs, supported by breathing and centering exercises that will provide tools for you to begin to experience a better quality of life.

Program Guidelines/Policies/ProceduresTo maximize the quality of personal yoga programs, the following guidelines/policies/procedures have been developed.

Health History
1. To begin your training program with Fitness Essentials, an initial Health History Form must be completed. This Health History Form provides us with the following information:
  • Current and prior health history
  • Nutritional history
  • Exercise history
  • Goal statement

2. After a review of the above information, risk for cardiovascular complications are assessed and stratified.

3. Depending upon the above assessment, either a completed fitness assessment and/or a physician-supervised stress test will be recommended prior to beginning an exercise program with Fitness Essentials. Results of prior testing and/or a physician consent form may be accepted.

4. A client waiver agreement and policies/procedure forms must be completed prior to first scheduled appointment.

Scheduling of AppointmentsThe program is designed to provide flexible scheduling for our clients. All appointments are scheduled directly with your personal yoga instructor.

Frequency and consistency of the yoga program is essential to obtaining the desired personal goals. Scheduled appointments should be a priority to achieve the maximum benefit from this program.

Appointment Cancellation/Change/Late PolicyTo accommodate all of our clients, we ask for your kind consideration regarding appointment cancellations and/or rescheduling. Advance notice allows for better availability of instructor/nutrition consultant.

Clients are kindly requested to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Clients will be charged for sessions that are not cancelled with 24 hours notice. This advance notice enables our instructors/consultants to best serve all our clients.

Individual yoga sessions are designed to not exceed a 60-minute time period.

We request clients be dressed and ready for exercise at the designated time of their scheduled appointments.

Without prior notification, a client who arrives 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment will be considered a no-show and charged for the session. In the event of instructor tardiness, the client will have the option to complete the remaining session time or receive a complimentary follow-up session.

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