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Elsie Escobar Elsie Escobar, Personal Yoga InstructorElsie Escobar, a native of El Salvador, began her love affair with yoga in 1997. She completed her formal training at YogaWorks Center for Yoga in California and the Integrative Yoga Therapy Program created by Joseph Le Page, focusing on the therapeutic aspects of yoga, mainly geared toward introducing yoga as a healing modality to those encountering either physical or emotional health challenges.

In 2000, Elsie found the wild joy in her heart through Anusara yoga, which was developed by John Friend. Anusara is "a uniquely integrated style of hatha yoga in which the artistic glory of the human heart blends magically with the scientific principles of biomechanics." Elsie continues to study fervently with John Friend and many certified Anusara teachers.

Her classes are full of playfulness, smiles (and/or laughter) with a strong commitment deeply grounded in self-honoring, acceptance and building community.

Elsie is the top female yoga podcaster with thousands of virtual students all over the world. She has embraced this new medium as her absolute passion, and her desire to share the concept that "everything you need is in your pocket" has taken new media by storm. Elsie produces her own audio and video content, which is available at

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